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Vivani Organic Chocolate

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The Award Winning Vivani Organic Organic Chocolate Bar collection. A real treat for the taste buds and of course, certified organic!

The Vivani team take great care to ensure their organic chocolate fulfils high quality demands; at the same time it is important they also make a contribution to maintaining healthy agricultural methods in the countries which supply the raw materials for a good organic chocolate.

The fundamental principles of ecological agriculture naturally apply to the raw materials they use in the organic chocolate. Growing cocoa, cane sugar and all the other ingredients which are decisive to making a mouth-watering bar of organic chocolate, in an ecological manner, has further wide-ranging, positive effects. Organic methods are particularly sensible in the case of cocoa-growing.

Why not treat yourself to one of these Vivani Organic Chocolate bars and see the difference between non-organic chocolate bars for yourself?

Did you know that by purchasing the Vivani Organic Chocolate Bar you are helping to give farmers in Latin America a greater chance to grow their crops in a healthy manner, and improve their standard of living.


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Vivani Organic Chocolate

Creamy Milk with Coconut Blossom Nectar, Dark Milk with Coconut Blossom Nectar, Dark Chocolate with Orange


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