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Traditional Nitrate Free Back Bacon

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Back bacon cut from the rib end of loin and dry cured using our traditional recipe. The organic loin is from our rare breed organic Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, outdoor reared and slowly grown for a full flavour. Our nitrate free bacon directly from our organic rare breed pork that is cured to a recipe found in the farm archives, traditional and nitrate free cured using sea salt and organic molasses…

Most bacon today is brine injected producing a rapid cure where a lot of moisture is retained and this is evident during cooking, with our nitrate free home cure we use sea salt and molasses to draw the moisture for up to 2 weeks, we then wash and hang our chosen cut to dry for a further 10 days, this process gives us a stunning dry cured bacon which is how bacon should taste.

Taken from our herd of rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, outdoor reared and free to roam our extensive outdoor pig pens our pigs can explore natural behaviour whilst foraging for goodies in the ground, this enhances the flavour of our pork and ultimately our Nitrate Free Traditional Home Dry Cured Back Bacon.

Warm crusty bread, bacon with melting butter, think about that without your mouth watering…

Please note the image included is from our organic smoked back bacon and is simply for illustration purposes only.

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1 review for Traditional Nitrate Free Back Bacon

  1. Claire
    5 out of 5


    The best bacon I’ve had in decades! This is bacon as it should be – it releases fat, not water, when cooked and is not too salty. This means any accompanying foods (like eggs, mushrooms, etc) can be fried in that lovely tasty fat. Reminds me of the bacon my mother used to get from the butcher back in the 1960’s – before bacon production became so industrialised and Denmark swamped the market.

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