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12 Litres Raw Organic Milk

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Please note this is a fortnightly subscription of our raw organic milk plus free delivery. Therefore this milk subscription will run every two weeks alongside your preferred payment method. You have the option to place this subscription on hold if needed. For example, if you are going on holiday (lucky you) just simply contact the office and they’ll happily do the rest of the work. Transported overnight via insulated courier with silver lined ice packed boxes so your organic products remain at the correct temperature, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our Organic Raw Organic Milk comes directly from our rare breed herd of Old English Dairy Shorthorns, born and reared here at home here on the farm. Grass fed, naturally yellow in colour with that traditional sweet taste that you cannot get from processed milk. Grass fed raw milk for a naturally high level of omega 3 fatty acids and antibiotic free. We know that quality is important and we guarantee that our milk is GMO free, soya free and straight from the cow, we use no artificial fertilisers or any pesticides and this is evident when you taste the milk – after all we have always said “it is what’s not in it rather than what is, that matters”. Free to roam our herb and species rich pastures our happy girls can forage for all the goodness they need to produce a perfect pint. The herbs help the cows self limit negating the need for veterinary intervention and these herbs also help make the milk what it is, unique.

Milked twice daily by Emma, our girls give only what is a natural amount of milk, we never push them for higher yields nor do we fill them with proteins and hormones that are often used in intensive dairy farming. Hand washed and cleansed udders have to be spotlessly clean and sanitised before Emma milks them, we are registered with the Food Standards Agency and licenced by them – our raw milk is tested every day.

A daily glass of pro-biotic raw organic milk with all the enzymes alive and well is a fantastic way to start the day. Some of our lovely customers even make Kefir, but in any form this milk will kick start the healthy gut flora especially after a course of antibiotics. Our children love it and can tell the difference if it is not ours, not too difficult as it is simply amazing.

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