We’re really pleased to have featured on the BBC this week. As you no doubt know we’re passionate about animal welfare and we’ve been reaching out across Lancashire and the wider UK and engaging with people who share our values ; together we can help make a difference

‘Ribble valley in Lancashire has been fighting to restore consumer confidence in its products since the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in 2001.

It has introduced a unique system of food production which aims to transform thinking about food by emphasising trust and provenance. Could this be a model for the rest of the UK?

Watch the video feature on the BBC News website.’ From the BBC’s website.








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Buy With Confidence. We Are Raw Milk Licensed

Raw Cows Milk… We are one of only a handfull of farms in the UK that is licensed to sell raw drinking milk, milk which is straight from the cow and as nature intended. The milk contains all the healthy bacteria that we need to maintain a healthy gut and the enzymes are alive making it easier for us to absorb calcium, not to mention that the real white stuff tastes great – the more processes milk has to endure, the poorer the taste. We take great care to ensure that the milking plant and our cows are squeaky clean giving us the confidence to sell our milk knowing it is the perfect pint. If you would like more information about raw milk please contact us, the milk is available from the farm shop and we also deliver around the farm and to Manchester, Leeds and Bradford areas… try the healthy alternative.
The legalities regards Raw Drinking Milk are such that it may only be sold direct by the farm to the end user… if it is coming from anywhere else its not genuine and may not be licensed.

Gazegill Organic Farm – Ribble Valley Food Trail from Tony Holker on Vimeo.

Or come and visit us and buy direct from our Farm Shop. Emma’s Dairy is situated at Lower Gazegill Farm, Rimington in the shadow of Pendle Hill and there’s lot’s to do!

Emma’s Dairy is situated at Lower Gazegill Farm, Rimington in the shadow of Pendle Hill. We have a traditional herd of Dairy Shorthorns which produce a milk high in butterfat and because of their grass and herb rich diet it is naturally higher in omega 3. We are proud of our history and the land here has been managed by the same family for nearly 500 years, our Hay Meadows have been sensitively managed during this time and are rich in flora and our girls thrive on the food they yield. During the spring many flowers can be seen, many of which are rare, and ground nesting birds such as Curlews and Lapwings are resident as well. Here at the Dairy you can find our on-farm outlet selling all of our meat and dairy produce alongside our visitor and education centre where we host free educational trips for schools and groups and during the summer months family hedgerow safaris. We welcome visitors to the farm and hope to be meeting you soon.